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Wailian Group is committed to providing overseas immigration, education, and investment consulting services, with more than 500 employees and 30 branches located in major cities in Asia, North America, Europe and Oceania.
Pennsylvania Convention Center
Hudson Yards, New York
Santiago Building
Comcast Head Office Building, Philadelphia
Hospital of Cleveland State University

Wailian’s project teams are well known for their high-level expertise and research ability. Wailian has successfully promoted over 94 EB-5 investment projects including but not limited to the Time Warner Inc, Philadelphia Navy Yard, Hopkins Gateway Hotel, and etc., raised over 10 billion US dollars for the projects and created hundreds of thousands jobs for the U.S. economy. In Europe, Wailian is leading the global investment trend by creating exclusive one-stop services such as online real estate selection, real estate leasing, trust holding, reselling and etc. Moreover, Ms. Linda He, the Chairwoman of Wailian, has visited U.K., France, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, and other countries to have face-to-face discussions with respects to immigration laws and program strategies in China with prime ministers, ministers of foreign affairs, and officials of Ministry of Commerce. Wailian has held “Interpretation Meeting for New Immigration Law of Spain”, “National Exhibition Tour for Golden Residence Act of Portugal”, and other international conferences and exhibitions with Minister of Commerce of Spain and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Portugal. Meanwhile, Wailian received “Award for Great Contribution to Investment in Portugal”, “Award for Authority of Hungarian Bond Fund” and other recognitions.
Minister of Commerce of Spain attended Interpretation Meeting for New Immigration Law of Spain held by Wailian
Wailian’s Chief European Project Officer represented Wailian to accept Award for Great Contribution to Investment in Portugal
Consul General of Consulate General of Hungary in Shanghai visited Wailian Head Office in Shanghai
Senates of State Council of Portugal visited Wailian
Wailian is proud of its top records in the industry. These records include but are not limited to receiving I-526 approval for US EB5 program within 2 days, obtaining BC Provincial Nomination Letter for Canadian Permanent Residency within 6 months, receiving investment resident visa of European countries within 5 days.
Since 2011, Wailian has organized “Invest in America Summit” continually for 6 years and has invited honorable guests including Gary Faye Locke, former U.S. Ambassador in China, Rupert Hoogewerf, founder of Hurun Report, Eric Wolff, Commercial officer of US Department of CommerceVice Counselor of Business of U.S. Consulate in Shanghai, and Kenneth Jarrett, Chairman ofPresident at American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai. The Summit providesbecomes an open communication platform for immigration lawyers, economists, USCIS officials, State representatives, and Chinese Investors. Ms. He, as the only Chinese immigration specialist therein, has co-authored <<EB-5 Handbook>>and was invited to be a VIP guest speaker at the Global Immigration and talent mobility forum, Harvard Forum, and other international events.
Wailian successfully held the 6th Annual Invest in America Summit
In 2014, Wailian co-published a study on “Hot Spots of investment immigration investor programs” with Forbes Life. The study was the first comprehensive investment immigration industry report, which provided Chinese investors the latest overseas investment information and analysis. In 2015 Wailian co-published an upgraded research report "The Great Change -- The Observation of the International Asset Allocation Tendency" with Forbes Life, which provided updated overseas investment analysis and data to Chinese investors.
Wailian released A Big Change: Observation of International Assets Allocation Trend in cooperation with Forbes
In July 2016, Wailian co-founded a website “Jiemian.com: Going Abroad” channel with Jiemian, the most fast-growing new media platform in China. The new website features four informative sections: overseas study, overseas immigration, overseas investment (estate), and overseas life, focusing on helping investors discover overseas investment opportunities in the internet era. Moreover, Report on Trends of International Mobility of Chinese Students was jointly publicized by Wailian and Jiemian, with a full use of big data to demonstrate changes and trends of overseas study in recent years.
A new chapter of cooperation between Wailian and Jiemian by an overseas channel online
Wailian’s Focus on Education, Humanities
In order to help new immigrants’ children with their education, career planning, and life experience, Wailian has actively engaged in organizing events such as emotion management classes for teenagers, seminars with Ivy League student leaders, and career development workshops.
Wailian has hosted events such as Hurun Report’s “Andover & Exeter Night, Afternoon Tea with Ivy League Student Leaders, Meeting with Harvard Admission Officer, Luncheon with Yale Club, and etc. All these events are aimed to help new immigrants and their children learn more about the U.S education system and fit in the U.S culture seamlessly.
Wailian held Hurun Report’s Night of Famous U.S. Educational Institutions
New York Fashion Week
Buffett Global Investment Meeting
Wailian successfully held breakfast with Mayor of Los Angeles
In addition, in order to build the bridge between Chinese immigrants and the U.S. mainstream society, Wailian has periodically invited new and established immigrants to attend high-end social events including Warren Buffett Shareholder Meeting, Inauguration of Mayor of Los Angeles, Breakfast at Tiffany’s,. In 2015, Wailian teamed up with Carnegie Hall to sponsor NYO-USA for the summer tour across 8 cities, including New York, Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, connecting Chinese and American culture by means of music. The affiliated VIP club in Europe has successfully held Sino-European Entrepreneurs Summit, Grand Ceremony of Primera Division de Liga, Michelin Trip for Chinese Apparel and Gourmet, etc.
Chinese Night, Los Angeles
Wailian Golf Club
Gratitude was granted by Carnegie Art Director to Wailian

Wailian has actively guided clients and employees to participate in charity and fulfill social responsibilities. It worked with U.S. Eisenhower Foundation to raise funds for Teenager Safety Program, which aims to prevent unguarded American teenagers from criminal organizations. Wailian is also working with UNICEF on “Loving Chinese Children” Program to help unparented children China’s rural areas. As the first Chinese President of CCPF, Ms. Linda He, the Chairwoman of Wailian, has invited American pediatric specialists to volunteer on free surgical operations for Chinese orphan patients. Over 1,000 patients have been cured over the past 18 years. In 2016, Wailian and CCPF held a charity dinner party named “Take Love to Heart Every Day”, and invited more than 300 business elites, social celebrities as well as more than 20 Chinese and American pediatric specialists. This charity dinner successfully raised 462,000-Yuan donation for the surgical operations.
Ms. Gena Palumbo, founder of CCPF, made a presentation in the charity dinner party
Wailian launched USD 100 for Love Sharing in cooperation with U.S. Eisenhower Foundation

Wailian Most Green Card Approvals for nine years Leading Green Card Specialists for nine years—